Sunday, May 20, 2007

Money as Debt

This is an awesome video on Money and Debt.

It is just under 50 minutes long but it is worth every minute for you to watch it. You can find the link just under LINKS - it is the first one.

Tell your friends to come see it here if you enjoyed it.

It sure opened my eyes!

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Foreclosure Tsunami

I know it’s been awhile since I have written on this Blog but there is a very good reason for that. I promised all of you that I would not write something here just for the sake of writing something on my Blog. That would just generate an email to all of you and I know very well how much junk we get every day in our email boxes. So my commitment to you is that I will only write when I have something valuable to say. And I do today!

I was in Las Vegas this past weekend and I was surprised to see how much the Real Estate Market has cooled over there. Foreclosures are at an all time high.

Foreclosure filings across the United States rose 47 percent last month from a year ago to 149,150 - one for every 775 households, according to statistics from Realty Trac Inc., a foreclosure listing service. And for the third straight month, Nevada's foreclosure rate led the nation when it rose 220 percent from a year earlier to 4,738 filings, or one in every 183 households.

In Clark County, which encompasses Las Vegas, one of every 30 homes began the process toward foreclosure last year.

New home builders are slowing down the pace of new projects in Las Vegas and are giving agents’ commissions of up to 12 percent and up to $100,000 in upgrades such as pools, granite countertops and appliances.

And the supply of available homes is growing.

In March, the number of resale listings for single family homes, condos and townhouses in the Las Vegas valley grew 30 percent from a year ago to 27,282, according to the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors. Sales and the value of homes sold were both down 38 percent from a year ago. About half the homes available have been on the market for more than two months.
However, there is hope because of Nevada's fast-growing population and an estimated 8,000 net new residents coming to Las Vegas every month, experts predict the glut of housing will be cleared in six months to more than a year.

State lawmakers are considering a range of bills that clamp down on the easy mortgage lending that helped heat up the market, including making it a crime for lenders to issue mortgages with little or no verification of a borrower's ability to pay.

"The biggest loan I ever saw, a person bought a $1 million property and only had to come up with $1,000 in cash," said Scott Bice, the state's commissioner of mortgage lending.

Can you imagine that? That’s one tenth of one percent!
And that seems to be the story throughout the USA.

One expert called the Real Estate downturn a Foreclosure Tsunami.

I just wonder no matter how great the economy is in Canada how long it will be before the market conditions over there in the US effect the market conditions here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Real Estate Investment Warning

The general feeling in Alberta is that Real Estate is a tremendously safe investment and that even though prices are sky high they will continue to rise because of the fantastic economic conditions of the province. These economic conditions are mainly driven by oil and especially the Oil Sands Projects near Edmonton.

I know it is human nature to feel that when things are good that things will only get better – it’s called the Blue Sky Feeling. The other side of that is when things are bad one feels that things will never get better – that is called the Sky is Falling Feeling.

So when someone comes along and during A Blue Sky period and warns of potential storms on the horizon usually people call that person crazy. There were a few of these people during the Dot Com days and now there are a few of these people during these Real Estate Days. Donald Trump and Robert Allen and all those Real Estate gurus want you to spend thousands on their courses so they will never tell you the dangers of the Real Estate business. So just be aware that dangers do lurk in dark and ugly corners. Be careful!

Governments and World Events can quickly change the tide of Real Estate Prosperity. One company sounding the alarm already is UBS Securities Canada Inc. In an interview yesterday, UBS analyst Andrew Potter said the industry will have to absorb the cumulative impact of regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, plus possible federal and provincial changes to tax treatment of the projects.

You can read the rest of this in an article in the Global and Mail entitled: Growing political risks imperil oil sands profit, report says New pollution regulations, taxes cited.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


When you buy a house you put a down payment of 10% or 20% or whatever. The rest of the money is lent to you by the bank in what we call a mortgage. What you just did was leverage the bank`s money.

If you are a manager in your company and your boss gave you a huge job do to you would go to the people you manage and through delegation and supervision would get them to complete the job. There would be no way for you to complete such a huge job in the time allocated without you leveraging the time of others.

The wealthiest people in the world know the great secret of leverage. You too can become very wealthy if you learn this wonderful Power of Leverage. Here are the two great keys of this secret!

1- You can Leverage other people`s MONEY to make you money.
2- You can Leverage other people`s TIME to make you money.
3- But here is the most important key – It must be a WIN for them and for you.

Friday, February 23, 2007

How much money do you want to make?

As part of my goal to educate people in Financial and Entrepreneurial Literacy I bring you this piece of valuable information. I will be attending this event in San Francisco.

Here are the details so please click on the link to learn more:

Millionaires will be made at every Learning Annex Wealth Expo weekend. Virtually every area of wealth building expert will give a complete, comprehensive and intensive training course. Seventy two different seminars will be offered which will change your financial future nearly overnight. No matter where your interest lies in making incredible amounts of money, you will be able to learn from the experts in that field. They will teach you how to become financially secure and independent. One life changing piece of advice can make you thousands if not millions. Learn how to:
DEBT: Clean up your credit and save Thousands and get loans you never dreamed about
401K or IRA: Self-Invest your retirement funds and make thousands per month
SMALL BUSINESSES: Quickly and easily start or grow a successful business. Stop working for someone else!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

There’s Money Everywhere – Part 2 of 3

The second huge source of money is Other People’s Money also known as OPM. There are hundreds if not thousands of people right where you live who have a lot of money but either don’t have the time to make it grow or they don’t have a clue what to do to make it grow.

There are several companies out there who know how to make money grow and they will pay you handsomely to refer people and their money to them. In the next few days and weeks I will be listing some of these companies here. That is why it is critical that you sign up to be notified when this Blog is updated. You will not want to miss this crucial information.

If you have even a little expertise in Real Estate you can Joint Venture with people who have money. You put in the sweat – look for the house – negotiate the deal – offer to fix it up – rent it and manage it and the person with the money simply invests. You share everything 50-50 or 60-40 etc.

There are even some companies who will give you shares if you help them raise money for their companies. These can be very lucrative especially because it costs you nothing.

If you are wondering why anyone would listen to you, here is your answer.

Every day people turn their money over to brokers who are broker than you and I. They just tell a great story.

What I do is simply share opportunities with people. I don’t sell – I don’t convince – I don’t push! I simply share a story! If they like what they hear I encourage them to do their due diligence and start as small as the investment will allow them or as small as they feel comfortable with.

When they make some money, they seek me out again and want to know what else I am up to.

I have had a solid track record these past few years. So stick around! You might want to know what I know!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Billionaire Advice

Have you ever played the Cash Flow Game?

If you have then you know that as you go around and around the circle called the Rat Race you get an opportunity to land on deals. Some of these deals are Small Deals and others are Big Deals. With Small Deals alone it takes a long time to get out of the Rat Race. It’s the Big Deals that do the trick but they are so costly.

The trick is to end up with a chance to buy stock at a really low price and sell it a few turns later at a really high price. Hitting that jackpot propels you into being able to play the Big Deals and soon you are out of the Rat Race.

For those of you who are doing well with Real Estate and other “Small Deal” investments here is some advice from my Billionaire Mentor:

“The Small Deals have the ability to make you a Millionaire even though it will take awhile. The Big Deals give you a shot at Billionaire Status.”

One final thought I want to leave with you is this: I have heard some people say that they never invest in something they don’t know or don’t understand.

Here is the answer! Ask questions! Learn about it! Research it! Understand it! Don’t just miss a great “Big Deal” opportunity because you don’t know!

If you have not read the “Big Deal” post below I hope you do so now and RSVP if you plan on being on the call tomorrow.

To your financial freedom in 2007!

Abundant Regards!